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Strategic Collaboration Agreement Reached Between CNHFA and King & Wood Mallesons

  Recently, the CNHFA and King & Wood Mallesons have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement.

  King & Wood Mallesons is an Asian-born law firm with a strong focus on Asian markets and exceptional service capabilities. Founded in 1993, it was one of the first partnership law firms in China and also among the first Chinese law firms to establish an overseas presence. Throughout its history, King & Wood Mallesons has played a prominent role in the Chinese legal market, contributing to the development of the rule of law in China and providing professional legal services to multinational companies investing in China as well as Chinese companies expanding globally. Since 2012, King & Wood Mallesons has been working with the long-established Australian law firm Mallesons Stephen Jaque to create a new global law firm. Currently, it operates 31 offices worldwide with a team of over 3,000 lawyers.

  In this strategic collaboration, King & Wood Mallesons will leverage its expertise in legal services to offer analysis and advice on the legal aspects related to CNHFA’s daily business operations and management, thereby facilitating its sound development. Simultaneously, CNHFA will provide King & Wood Mallesons with a platform and opportunities to support the nutritional health food industry and explore new service areas. Together, the two parties will work towards promoting the establishment of a robust legal framework within the nutrition and health food industry by leveraging their collective resources and creating a prosperous future together.