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2023 Annual Meeting on the Clinical Application of Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMPs) Held in Chongqing

  From June 16th to 17th, 2023, the Annual Meeting on the Clinical Application of FSMPs took place in Chongqing. The conference was supervised by the CNHFA and hosted by the CNHFA Professional Committee on the Application of FSMPs (hereinafter referred to as the Committee). It was organized by the Army Medical Center of PLA and co-organized by the Chongqing Physicians Association Nutrition Physicians Branch, oncology Nutrition and Supportive Treatment Professional Committee of the Chongqing Anti-Cancer Association, Chongqing Clinical Nutrition and Medical Quality Control Center, and Beijing Ligeng Kechuang Medical Research Institute. The conference aimed to address government regulatory requirements and industry development needs, promote the establishment of robust standards for FSMPs, standardize clinical application pathways, and foster industry-academia collaboration, research, and technological innovation.


  Over 300 participants attended the conference, including all members of the Professional Committee on Application of FSMPs, representatives from stakeholder organizations, and distinguished guests such as Prof. Shi Hanping, Vice President of the CNHFA, Chief Scientist of the National Key Research and Development Program, and Director of Gastrointestinal Surgery at Beijing Shijitan Hospital, Capital Medical University. Other notable guests included Prof. Zhang Zhongpeng, Secretary General of the CNHFA; Prof. Mi Mantian, Technical Major General of the Army Medical University, Director of the National Army Professional Committee of Nutritional Medicine, and leading expert in the nutrition discipline in Chongqing; Wu Qiang, Deputy Director of the Army Medical Center of PLA; Deng Zhigen, Director of the Food Department of Chongqing Municipal Health Commission; Liang Lin, Deputy Director of the Special Food Regulation Department of Chongqing Municipal Market Regulation Administration; and Prof. Xu Hongxia, Director of the Committee and Director of the Department of Clinical Nutrition at the Army Medical Center of PLA.


  The opening ceremony was hosted by Professor Xu Hongxia, and Shi Hanping, Vice President of the CNHFA, which is the supervising organization of the event, delivered a speech emphasizing the comprehensive coverage of FSMPs throughout the life cycle of consumers. He highlighted the potential of FSMPs in achieving a higher level of health for the nation and supporting the Healthy China strategy. He emphasized that the high-quality development of the FSMPs industry relies on advancements in basic research and clinical applications, the translation of research outcomes, key technological innovations, the improvement of scientific evaluation systems, the standardization of clinical pathways, the enhancement of medical quality, and the assurance of favorable medical policies. Under the leadership of Director Xu Hongxia, the Committee will conduct relevant research, establish standardized application pathways, drive innovation in special medical foods, and lead the development of the industry. Additionally, CNHFA will provide a platform, resources, information sharing, and strengthened cooperation to ensure the development of the Committee.


  In his speech, Prof. Mi Mantian highlighted the vibrant academic atmosphere within the nutrition community in Chongqing. He emphasized that the development of clinical nutrition and FSMPs is currently experiencing new opportunities and positive momentum, thanks to the support of national policies and industry guidance. Prof. Mi Mantian encouraged practitioners to have confidence and take an active role in hospitals and clinics, emphasizing the importance of preventing the marginalization of nutrition.


  In his speech, Wu Qiang expressed the continued support of the Army Medical Center of PLA for the work of Professor Xu Hongxia's team and the Committee. He emphasized the importance of supporting the standardization of clinical application of FSMPs, the establishment of standardized processes for clinical nutrition diagnosis and treatment, and the development of clinical nutrition information technology. Wu Qiang expressed the commitment to jointly contribute to the high-quality development of health and healthcare in Chongqing and the entire nation.


  Deng Zhigen highlighted that the role of clinical nutrition has evolved from merely treating specific diseases to encompassing a comprehensive, integrated nutritional medicine model that spans prevention, screening, treatment, rehabilitation, and humanistic care. In this context, FSMPs can serve as a bridge between clinical nutrition and food science, transforming their role from mere nutritional supplements to valuable contributors to value-based care.


  During the academic report session of the conference, distinguished experts and scholars shared their insightful reports on cutting-edge topics in disciplines such as the clinical standardized application of FSMPs, establishment and implementation of standardized pathways for nutrition diagnosis and treatment, DRG and clinical nutrition, nutrition and general health, and health effect assessment system of medical food. The esteemed presenters included: Prof. Shi Hanping, Vice President of the CNHFA, Chief Scientist of the National Key Research and Development Program, Director of Gastrointestinal Surgery of Beijing Shijitan Hospital, Capital Medical University; Prof. Chen Guoxun, College of Food Science and Technology, School of Biomedicine and Health, Huazhong Agricultural University; Prof. Cai Bin, President of Zhejiang University Affliated Shaoxing People's Hospital; Prof. Zhong Caiyun, Director of Institute of Nutrition, Nanjing Medical University; Dr. Zhai Yijing, Hebei Medical University Affiliated Dental Hospital; Professor Song Chunhua, Deputy Director of the Department of Epidemiology and Statistics, School of Public Health, Zhengzhou University; Professor Yao Qinghua, Director of the Department of Integrative Medicine and Director of the Department of Nutrition, Zhejiang Cancer Hospital; Professor Cong Minghua, Deputy Director of the Department of General Medicine, Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences; Professor Kong Juan, Director of the Department of Nutrition, Shengjing Hospital, China Medical University; Professor Zhang Yun, Director of the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery/Nutrition, The First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine; Prof. Guo Zengqing, Director of Cadre Ward, Fujian Cancer Hospital; Prof. Weng Min, Director, Department of Nutrition, The First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University; Prof. Miao Mingyong, Department of Biochemistry, School of Basic Medical Sciences, Naval Medical University of PLA; Prof. Zhang Ming, Deputy Director, Department of Nutrition, The Third Central Hospital, Tianjin, China; Prof. Xiao Weidong, Director of General Surgery Department, Army Medical University Affiliated Xinqiao Hospital; Prof. Zhang Feng, Deputy Director of the Department of Nutrition (Functional Food Clinical evaluation Center), Affiliated Hospital of Jiangnan University; Prof. Zheng Jin, Director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine/Nutrition of the Second Affiliated Hospital of the Air Force Medical University of PLA; Prof. Yang Jian, Director of the Department of Nutrition of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University; Prof. Xu Hongxia, Director of the Committee.


  To facilitate the establishment and standardized application of clinical pathways for FSMPs, a dedicated seminar on clinical pathways (by invitation only) was organized as part of the conference. During this session, experts shared insights on the implementation of clinical pathways in their respective organizations, highlighting both the advantages and disadvantages. In-depth discussions were held to explore improvement strategies and measures for further development in this area.


  The second plenary meeting of the Committee was held concurrently. During the meeting, six new executive members and 17 new members were officially added to the committee. Professor Xu Hongxia, as the Director of the Committee, provided a comprehensive summary of the accomplishments in 2022 and presented the work plan for 2023. Additionally, the Deputy Directors shared and reported on the progress and initiatives they had undertaken in their respective roles.


  The conference served as a professional platform for in-depth discussions on the clinical application of FSMPs in China. Experts and delegates engaged in meaningful conversations regarding the significant challenges and obstacles faced by the industry's development in the country. They also emphasized the crucial importance of establishing policies, regulations, and standards for special medical foods. The Committee is fully committed to collaborating with fellow experts to promote the clinical application of FSMPs in China, aligning with the principles of fairness, responsibility, exemplary behaviour, and honesty. Together, they aim to enhance the well-being and health of the population.

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