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Consensus Workshop on Personalized Nutrition Held Successfully

  On 17 February 2023,the CNHFA held a consensus workshop on personalised nutrition in Beijing.Experts from research institutes,universities,medical institutions and the CNHFA's Precision Nutrition Professional Committee,as well as representatives from members of the CNHFA,attended the meeting.

  The meeting was chaired by Zhang Zhongpeng,Secretary General of the CNHFA.Li Liangqiu,the CNHFA's Executive Vice President,opened the event by presenting the background and progress of the research to the experts.Deng Bin,a member of the Personalised Nutrition Consensus Working Group,reported on the key points of the consensus on personalised nutrition.The experts fully affirmed the need for and importance of the CNHFA's work on personalised nutrition,discussed the key points and the full text of the consensus,and put forward suggestions for revisions and the next steps in the CNHFA's work.


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