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First Working Meeting in 2023 on Laws&Regulations Held to Discuss Issues Surrounding the Rules on Infant Formula Production Licensing Reviews

  On 9 January,the CNHFA organised the first working meeting on laws&regulations in 2023.The hybrid meeting was held both online and offline to exchange ideas on and discuss issues relating to the implementation of the Rules on Infant Formula Production Licensing Reviews(2022 Edition)(hereinafter the Rules),with over 100 representatives from the CNHFA's member companies in attendance.

  The following guests were invited to exchange ideas on and discuss the issues at hand:Liu Songtao,Deputy Director General of the Special Food Department,State Administration of Market Regulation;Li Xiaoyu,Director of the Infant Formula Registration Department;Liu Xiaoyi,First Class Researcher;Professor Jiang Yujun,Dean of the College of Food,Northeast Agricultural University;and Wu Lei,Head of the Market Development Section,Hebei Food Inspection Research Institute.

  A consensus was reached on the relevant issues,laying the foundations for the next step in the interpretation of the Rules.


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