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CNHFA Work for 2023

  China Special Food Conference(SFIC)/China Special Food Exhibition(SFIE)

  Positioning:One of the largest events in the special food industry in China.

  Slogan:Special food conference gathering front-end research,converging industry power,linking marketing system,and showcasing industry achievements.

  Objective:Gathering to discuss development prospects.



  China Nutrition and Health Food Week(NHFW)

  Bringing together nutrition and health food information across the nation to enhance development in a collaborative and comprehensive way.

  Serial Activities for National Food Safety Promotion Week

  -China Food Consumers Forum(CFCF)

  A platform for dialogue and exchange between Chinese food consumers and government figures,scientists,and enterprises.

  -Food Safety and Nutrition Exploration Journey in China for University Students

  Organizing visits by university student volunteers to remote areas with the aim of promoting food safety and nutrition knowledge.


  Talks on the Four Novelties

  Promoting R&D and innovation in the special food industry by inviting regulatory bodies,research institutions and enterprises to discuss the scientific basics of and the translational pathways of novel ingredients,processes,functions,and products for special food.



  Food Salon

  Building a communication channel across various special committees,promoting cross-subcommittee communication and cooperation,conducting professional discussions,improving unified knowledge,and exploring pathways for joint development.



  Free Open Course on Policies and Regulations

  Conducting authoritative lectures on regulations around special food,nutrition and health food,and Food for Special Medical Purposes(FSMP).


  GFUN Talks

  Conducting internal exchanges to explore common issues and improve literacy around various challenges and competencies encountered by professional managers in the food industry.



  Regulatory Working Meetings(RWM)

  Work meetings are held twice a week to discuss topical issues involved in regulatory work.


  International Consumer Rights Day(AKA 315)-Food Talks

  Providing practical services to consumers through dialogue with experts,scientific articles,videos,and reports,as well as developing positive momentum in the health food industry and protecting consumers'rights and interests.


  CNHFA Group Standards

  Aiding the standardized and high-quality development of the industry by issuing relevant group standards.



  CNHFA Public Health Nutritionist

  Organizing the assessment of the‘Public Health Nutritionist’certificate and organizing training for senior managers,continuing education for industry personnel,capacity building and/or professional skills recognition sessions for professionals.


  China Nutrition and Health Products Academy-Special Special Special Food Capacity Enhancement Series

  Conducting focused and systematic training and communication exchanges around professional knowledge for regulators,review teams,and industry practitioners in related industries.


  CNHFA Public Welfare

  Working with industry enterprises,government and other related organizations to carry out various public welfare activities.



  Full Media Matrix

  CNHFA Official WeChat Account

  The CNHFA's official WeChat account provides weekly updates on the latest events.


  CNHFA Food Talks

  The CNHFA's subscription account discloses members’information and shares nutrition knowledge from experts to the public.


  CNHFA Xinhua News Account

  The CNHFA's official Xinhua News account releases informative updates about the CNHFA.

  CNHFA TikTok

  The CNHFA’s official TikTok account provides nutrition and health tips.


  CNHFA Toutiao

  The CNHFA’s official Toutiao account releases informative updates about the CNHFA.


  CNHFA People News Account

  The CNHFA’s official People News account publishes information about the CNHFA.

  CNHFA Special food Magazine(formerly known as‘Food Fashion’)

  A bimonthly magazine providing professional information on the nutrition and health food industry.


  CNHFA Newsletter

  A monthly newsletter providing members with regulatory information,association news,member highlights,and other relevant content.

  CNHFA Newsletter(Overseas Edition)

  Providing quarterly information on the Chinese industry and regulations in English for foreign organizations and international partner associations and their members.

  Core Journals

  The CNHFA is one of the main editors of the Journal of Nutritional Oncology,a professional core journal.


  Research Projects

  Government Projects

  Commissioned by the Chinese government at all levels to conduct research on relevant topics.

  Specialized Projects

  Submitting proposals on policies and regulations relevant to regulation and industry development;participating in the development and revision of national food safety standards.

  CNHFA and the World

  International Cooperation

  Undertaking bilateral and multilateral visits and cooperative efforts to exchange experiences with international organizations,industry associations,and international colleges and universities,as well as actively amplifying the voice of the Chinese industry at international conferences;organizing international visits and participating in international exhibitions.

  Day-to-Day Operations

  Joint Party Building Activities

  Actively carrying out joint party building activities with regulatory departments,industry organizations and the members of the CNHFA to conduct business activities.

  Member Services

  Organizing visits by experts and the media to member sites,as well as organizing research and study tours;providing advisory services to members on a range of issues,such as research and development,production,market access,and post-marketing.

  Professional Committee Projects

  Each professional committee is responsible for carrying out its own specialized activities.

  Industry Research and Development Reports

  Commissioned by those within the industry and other parties with a view to conducting research relevant to China-specific and global industry development,with reports on this being published accordingly.

  Industry Public Opinion Analysis

  Carrying out and overseeing the dissemination and guidance of constructive information within the industry,establishing healthy communications between the industry and the media,providing monitoring and analysis reports with regard to public opinion on the industry,and organizing public opinion emergency training drills.

  Organizing and Advocating for Industry Self-Regulation Advocating for members to perform self-regulation,internal-controls,and other self-regulating activities within the industry;organizing industry self-examination to supervise members and enhance their capacity.

  Interpretation of Government-Related Policies and Regulations

  Assisting with the correct interpretation and explanation of relevant policy and regulation content.

  Industry Consensus and Guidelines

  Organizing experts to issue consensuses and to research and prepare industry guideline documents.