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A Number of Research Symposiums Organized by the CNHFA

On July 26th, the Regulatory Department and select members of the Raw Material and Excipient Committee from the convened for a seminar at the Beijing Branch of Fonterra Commercial Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. This event took place using a hybrid format, blending both online and offline participation. The discussions revolved around streamlining the registration requirements for first-time imported health food products, addressing related issues, outlining the approach to gather information on raw material suppliers, and establishing the project's future roadmap. Additionally, the participants engaged in conversations regarding the catalogue of health food raw materials, technical requirements, and provided feedback on the draft document.

On July 28th, the CNHFA conducted the 14th Regulatory Working Conference of 2023 at Amway (China) Daily Products Co., Ltd. The primary objective of this meeting was to foster dialogue and gather industry perspectives and recommendations on the technical requirements and interpretation documents associated with various catalogs. These documents included the Catalogue of Health Food Raw Materials - Nutrient Supplements (2023 Edition), Catalogue of Health Functions Permitted to be Claimed by Health Food, Catalogue of Health Food Raw Materials - Soybean Isolated Protein, and Catalogue of Health Food Raw Materials - Whey Protein. Representatives from eight health food manufacturers, including Amway and BY-HEALTH, actively participated in these discussions.


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