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Association Standard for “A2β-casein Milk”

On August 14, 2023, the CNHFA convened a working meeting to deliberate on the association standard for “a2β-casein milk”. The meeting was graced by the presence of distinguished guests, including Liu Aidong, Deputy Director of the Institute of Nutrition and Health, CDC; Sun Yafan, Researcher from the Tianjin Institute of Food Safety Testing and Technology (TIFSTT); Hao Yanling, Professor from China Agricultural University (CAU); Yin Shian, Professor from the Institute of Nutrition and Health, CDC; Yi Huaxi, Professor from Ocean University of China (OUCA); Li Liangqiu and Zhang Zhongpeng, members of the CNHFA’s Standards Management Committee. Additionally, representatives from prominent enterprises such as Yili, Sanyuan, Wondersun, a2, Arla, and others were also invited to participate in the meeting.

The meeting commenced with Man Chaoxin, the representative of the drafting group, providing an overview of the development of the association standard for “a2β-casein milk”. Subsequently, the participants engaged in extensive discussions, focusing on critical aspects like the definition and testing methods related to a2β-casein.

In the next phase, the drafting group will refine the document based on the discussions held during the meeting. The revised document will then be submitted to the CNHFA’s Standard Secretariat for a mid-term appraisal and further comments.

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