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A Number of Research Symposiums Organized by the CNHFA

  On May 17th, the Regulatory Department of CNHFA organized a research symposium at the headquarters of China Feihe Limited. Several infant formula companies were invited to participate in the event. The objective was to discuss the implementation of Decree No. 60 by the State Administration of Market Regulation (SAMR) within the industry. The symposium aimed to facilitate communication regarding the key work of the Regulatory Standards Working Committee in 2023, address current regulatory concerns, and outline the key tasks ahead.


  On May 18th, CNHFA organized an industry symposium on entrusted food production issues, under the authorization of SAMR’s Food Production Department. The symposium brought together officials from various departments including the Food Production Department, Food Operation Department, Special Food Department, Regulatory Department, Enforcement and Inspection Bureau, as well as representatives from directly affiliated units of the SAMR, industry associations, and 15 enterprises. During the symposium, participating enterprises shared insights into the current state of entrusted food production, while industry association representatives provided an overview of industry-wide situations and challenges. The participants actively engaged in discussions and exchanges, focusing on the draft Supervision and Administrative Measures for Entrusted Food Production.


  On June 16th, the Regulatory Department of the CNHFA organized a research symposium at Baojian (China) Co., Ltd. and held the 7th regulatory work meeting for 2023. The discussions primarily revolved around the registration of health food and other relevant tasks associated with health food for the year 2023. The meeting was attended by representatives from several member enterprises in the health food sector of, as well as relevant colleagues from the CNHFA’s secretariat.