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"Symposium on the High-Quality Development of Health Food" Successfully Held
       Commissioned by the State Administration for Market Regulation(SAMR)’s Department of Special Food Safety Supervision and Regulation,China Nutrition Health Food Association(CNHFA)organized the"Symposium on the High-Quality Development of Health Food”event on December 27,2021.Representatives from the SAMR's Department of Special Food Safety Supervision and Regulation included:Director General Zhou Shiping,Inspector Zhang Jinjing,Deputy Director General Fan Hongping,Director Wan Chao,Director Zhang Yanyang,and Researcher(Level 2)Wang Xiaojing.Representatives from the SAMR's Food Review Center included:Deputy Director Zhang Lanlan,Director Dong Shiyuan,Director Chen Guangyao,and Director Liu Hongyu.In addition,more than 30 representatives(including online participants)from other organizations attended the seminar,including those from the ASMR's Department of Functional Review of Health Food,CNHFA,China Nutrition Society(CNS),Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology(CIFST),China Health Care Association(CHC)and certain member enterprises.
  The representatives shared views on the regulation of nutrition and health claims of general food and health food,the development of new functions of health food and the high-quality development of health food.The discussion also covered the status quo of the health food market,the current status of R&D and production of enterprises,the review and approval of health food,and the pain points of the industry's development.They provided suggestions on how to carry out popularization of science,enhance consumer confidence,speed up the introduction of the Health Food Raw Materials Directory and encourage the innovation of new raw materials and functions.The R&D of new raw materials was also discussed.
  Speaking on behalf of the association,President Bian Zhenjia expressed his wish that the government,industry organizations,research institutions and enterprises would work together to both promote the steady progress of health food registration and filing,and seek high-quality development of the industry in an innovative way.
  Director Zhou said that he knew more about the thoughts of enterprises through this event and will discuss with them in the future to continuously improve and supplement relevant policies and regulations,and promote new raw materials and new functional innovations in health food to meet the diversified needs of consumers for health products.At the same time,he and his colleagues will perform their duties and responsibilities,strike a good balance between innovation and regulation,make every effort to guard the bottom line of health food safety,and promote the high-quality development of the health food industry with the highest standards and strictest requirements.
  With the support of the SAMR's Food Review Center,the"Symposium on High-Quality Development of Health Food"was successfully held to promote the development of health food.