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Personalised Nutrition and Industry Development Forum held in Changsha
   On November 4, the Personalised Nutrition and Industry Development Forum, organised by the CNHFA, was held in Changsha. Zhang Ding, former Deputy Director of the Henan Provincial Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, presided over the meeting, and Li Liangqiu, Executive Vice President of the CNHFA, attended the forum and delivered an opening speech.
  In recent years, with consumers' pursuit of an upgrade in personalised health and consumption, "average" nutritional solutions are no longer sufficient to meet people's needs. There is a growing awareness that the nutritional needs of individuals vary greatly depending on their age, gender, physical condition, medical history, lifestyle habits, and the environment. This has created new requirements for the development of nutritional foods and has driven the upgrading of nutritional foods and the emergence of personalised nutrition.
  Huo Junsheng, Researcher and Director of the China CDC's Central Laboratory National Institute for Nutrition and Health (NINH), gave an in-depth analysis of the nutritional characteristics of the national population. He pointed out that humans have evolved to a stage where sophisticated nutrition is needed to support activities, but this need has become a shortcoming for human survival. He added that molecular nutrition is not mature enough to achieve individualised nutrition in the true sense. The number of people hospitalised in China is 140 million every year, but less than 1% of hospitalised patients actually receive nutritional therapy, so the market is promising.
  Cai Meiqin, Professor of the Nutrition Department, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine and Director of the Innovation Centre for Nutrition and Functional Foods pointed out that nutrients are only helpful when they are digested and absorbed by the body. Nowadays, consumers' demand for personalised dietary nutrition is particularly prominent. Personalised and precise nutrition can help us solve challenges caused by an ageing population and nutritional imbalance.
  Representatives from companies such as Herbalife, Antion China and OmicsFit gave keynote speeches on "The Industrialisation of Personalised Nutrition and Health Management Services", "Regulatory Support and Reflections on Personalised Nutrition" and "The Application of Nutrigenomics in Personalised Nutrition Assessment".