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The CNHFA Presided over the 2020 Two Sessions Food-themed Hall: A Discussion on Food Industry Opportunities and Challenges by the Members of the NPC and CPPCC and Industry Leaders

       On the evening of May 25, the 2020 Two Sessions Food-themed Hall was held in Beijing. The event was organized by the Economic Daily and co-organized by China Economic Net, Institute of Food Science and Technology, China Nutrition and Health Food Association, China Cuisine Association, and China Food Safety 30-person Forum. The Two Sessions Food-themed Hall is a food industry activity occurred annually during the Two Sessions. It has been successfully held for nine sessions since 2012. This year's event was chaired by Li Liangqiu, Executive Vice President of the CNHFA.

       At present, epidemic control and prevention has entered the second half phase. Thought the epidemic is contained domestically, it is still spreading around outside of China, which has posed a huge impact on the global economy and trade.

       At the same time, the emergence of the epidemic has changed consumers’ lifestyles and consumption habits. Their interest in health food has increased significantly and they are enthusiastic about new marketing forms such as online shopping and influencer marketing. On the other hands, our dining habits have changed dramatically as the government demands stricter and cleaner table manners. These changes have brought new opportunities and challenges to the development of the food industry.

       During the video conference, the participating guests shared their opinions and suggestions on the  challenges posed by the epidemic based on their own perspectives, with the topics including but not limited to: the Development of the Food Industry in the Special Period, Innovative Development of Nutritious and Healthy Food, Table Manner Civilization Construction and the Recovery of the Catering Industry, and Rational Consumption based on Food Safety Regulation and Science Popularization.

       The following guests participated in this year's Two Sessions Food-themed Hall event:

       Liu Yonghao, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Chairman of New Hope Group;

       Wang Lianzeng, member of the National People's Congress (NPC), Chairman of Huayu Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd.;

       Qiao Xiaoling, member of the CPPCC, Vice President of Beijing Food Science Research Institute;

       Yan Qi, member of the CPPCC, Chairman of Chongqing Taoranju Food Culture Group Co., Ltd.;

       Zhou Guangjun, Chairman of Suzhou Daoxiang Village Food Co., Ltd.;

       Hu Dingxu, Standing Committee member of the CPPCC, former Chairman of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority;

       Sun Baoguo, member of the CPPCC, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

       Lu Qingguo, member of the NPC, Chairman of Chenguang Biotech Group Co Ltd.;

       Li Cuizhi, member of the NPC, Director of the Yili Group's Quality Inspection and Control Center;

       Jiang Junxian, President of the Chinese Cuisine Association;

       Chen Junshi, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering;

       Yu Xuewen, member of the NPC, Director of Qingkeng Village, Wuyi County, Zhejiang Province;

       Shi Yudong, member of the NPC, Nutrition and Health Manager of the Mengniu Group R&D and Innovation Department;

       Hua Xiaoli, member of the NPC, Director of the Party Office of Chongqing Yonghui Supermarket;

       Li Qiuxi, member of the NPC, Chairman of Fenjiu Group.

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