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CNHFA Successfully Held the China-Japan Nutrition and Health Symposium on Functional Food
       On the morning of May 30th, the China-Japan Nutrition and Health Symposium on Functional Food was successfully held. The event was jointly organized by the CNHFA, Hypertension Specialist Medical Association at the National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases (NCCD), and the Japan NattoKinase Association. The event was chaired by Li Liangqiu, Executive Vice President of the CNHFA, and live-streamed on the China Economic Network.

       This event was held under the government's Healthy China strategy where the CNHFA invited domestic and foreign experts to share their ideas on nutrition and health. As one of the projects of the East Asia Summit, this symposium has involved domestic and foreign experts to discuss novel food raw materials and emerging nutrition research and will definitely promote the development of the nutrition and health industry and contribute to the health of the people.

       At the meeting, Professor Cai Jun, Chairman of the National Hypertension Expert Committee of the NCCD, Chairman of the Hypertension Specialist Medical Association, and Director of the Hypertension Center of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Affliated Fuwai Hospital, introduced the diet's impact on the human gastrointestinal microbiota, the relationship between the intestinal flora and nutrient absorption rates, the interaction between the gastrointestinal microbiota and chronic diseases such as hypertension. As there is a high incidence of hypertension in the Chinese population, the medical community has begun to pay increasing attention to the relationship between nutrition and health. Our citizens should focus not only on disease treatment, but also on daily diets for the prevention of chronic diseases. Professor Cai also shared up-to-date research results on functional food revealed by the research team of the Hypertension Center of Fuwai Hospital to illustrate its role in reducing blood pressure and blood lipids, regulating gastrointestinal microbiota, and promoting anti-hypertensive peptide production.

       Professor Bi Qi, Chairman of the Beijing Neurology Association (BNA) and Chief Physician of the Department of Neurology at Beijing Anzhen Hospital, introduced the function of functional food in reducing the probability of disease and improving the quality of life. Professor Bi argued that we should not blindly rely on health food or functional food, nor should we totally deny their existence. On the other hand, researchers should recognize their roles in nutritional support and carry out objective research correspondingly. He introduced a team of clinical and nutrition experts from the Beijing Neurology Association, the Public Nutrition Branch of the Chinese Nutrition Society, and the Clinical Nutrition Professional Committee of the Chinese Medical Association (CMA) Beijing Branch. Besides, he put forward the Expert Recommendations on the Application of Nattokinase in People at Risk of Vascular Diseases after analyzing the basic theory, clinical research literature and expert discussions on nattokinase.

       Professor Sun Guifan, Deputy Director of the Precision Nutrition Professional Committee of the CNHFA and Director of Preventive Medicine Center of China Medical University, interpreted the relationship between nutritional support and disease prevention. He illustrated the causes and symptoms of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the relationship between nutrition and chronic diseases, and the interaction between nutrition balance on the basis of domestic and foreign study results.

       Japanese neurological professor Mitsuhiro Ota, Vice President of Kobe Pharmaceutical University and Director of the Japanese Institute of Biological Sciences, outlined the development and widespread consumption of functional food in Japan and clinical research results conducted by his institute on nattokinase.

       Dr. Shinsaku Takaoka, Vice President of the Nattokinase Association of Japan, revealed the discovery, research, production, EU certification, and application of nattokinase in Japan, and shared information on its production process and testing methods. On the other hand, Yuan Shengyuan, Chairman of Zhejiang COFCO Health Industry Investment Co., Ltd., reviewed the development of Japanese nattokinase in China.

       At the end of the meeting, Dr. Ding Gangqiang, Director of the Nutrition and Health Center of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) and the team leader of China CDC's epidemiological investigation team in Wuhan, reported the epidemiological investigation work in Wuhan during the epidemic. He noted that the risk of malnutrition and chronic diseases among Wuhan local people has increased, due to changes in dietary structure. In recent years, the number of people with high blood fat and obesity in our country is surging. Considering malnutrition may cause a high incidence of various infectious diseases and weaken immunity, it is recommended that the public should pay attention to maintaining a balanced nutrient intake to strengthen the immune system.

       A successful Healthy China strategy cannot go without nutrition support. It is the joint responsibility of industry, academia and associations to let the public learn and understand nutrition and health science knowledge.

       This Sino-Japanese expert symposium was carried out through on-site discussion, video conferencing, and other forms. On the occasion of National Science and Technology Workers Day, this event has guided consumers to understand nutrition and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health and provided useful inspiration for the development and application of functional food in China through science popularization and international exchanges.

       For event details, please scan the QR code below to watch the seminar playback.