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The CNHFA Issued the 2020 Association Standard Application Information
   According to the main idea of the State Council's documents and the specific requirements of the National Standardization Management Committee, the China Nutrition and Health Food Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Association") issued a notice on February 21 to solicit suggestions for project application and registration related to the 2020 annual association standards. Subsequently, the Association held the Standard Management Committee Meeting on April 22 to review the standardization, feasibility, and practicality of application materials. By doing so, the Association is committed to adapting to China's economic and social development, promoting the technical progress and management standards of the nutritional and health food industry and related industries, meeting market needs, and continuing the reform process of government’s standardization work.
  In order to further implement relevant work, we are now soliciting opinions and suggestions on the 2020 association standards from the relevant institutions, as well as standard drafting and participating institutions from the society.
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