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The Second Member Congress of CNHFA Held Successfully

       The Second Member Congress of the China Nutrition and Health Food Association (CNHFA or the Association) was successfully held at Merchantel Hotel, Beijing on January 8, 2020. The meeting was chaired by Comrade Bian Zhenjia, President of CNHFA, with 286 chairs of the board, presidents and member representatives in attendance from 230 member units across the country.

       The attenders on the meeting reviewed and approved the "Work Report and Financial Report of the First Council of China Nutrition and Health Food Association" in accordance with the regulation of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Association. Angie Yeast Co., Ltd. and other units were elected as members of the Second Council, Beingmate Co., Ltd. and other units as executive members of the Second Council. The 1st meeting of the Second Council was held at the same time, with Comrade Bian Zhenjia re-elected as the President of the CNHFA by a secret ballot, Comrade Li Liangqiu as Executive Vice President and legal representative, Jiang Yujun and other 27 comrades as Vice President, Comrade Lv Yanni as Secretary-General, and Guo Guizhen and other 8 comrades as Deputy Secretary-Generals.


       Comrade Qu Fenghong, Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and Vice President of the Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party, Comrade Pu Changcheng, Vice President of the Committee of Experts of the Food Safety Committee of the State Council, former Deputy Director of Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ), and Director of the Chinese Society For Measurement, Comrade Zhang Fenglou, former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Public Health and former Director Member of China Health Care Association, Zhou Shiping, Director of Special Food Safety Supervision Department of State Administration for Market Supervision, and Gao Feng, Director of Food evaluation Center of State Administration for Market Supervision extended their congratulations to the CNHFA for choosing a new leadership, and to Comrade Bian Zhenjia for re-election.

       In his speech, Vice President Qu Fenghong said that health is the foundation of the stable development of economy and society, and also an important symbol of national prosperity. The Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party closely paid attention to the development status of nutrition and health food industry, and it is ready to work with the CNHFA. With combined advantages of talents in different sectors, they can play a positive role in the implementation of Healthy China Initiative and improving the health of Chinese people.
       Deputy Director Pu Changcheng pointed out that the nutrition and health food industry is an important part of the food industry and a crucial underpinner for the rapid development of the food industry. The CNHFA has established a good platform. It’s hoped that the Association will continue to lead the industry from industry standardization to scientific and technological innovation, and make its voice heard as it pushes the industry forward.

       Deputy Minister Zhang Fenglou spoke highly of the work of the Association. He mentioned that although the CNHFA had not been established for a long time, it has developed rapidly and made itself stand out in the field of special foods. The Healthy China Initiative requires industry associations to play the synergistic role like bridges, and he hopes that it will continue to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, improve industry standards, make the nutrition and health food industry bigger and stronger so as to improve people's health.

       Director Zhou Shiping fully affirmed the work of the Association in the past few years and believed that the Association has fulfilled its responsibilities in assisting government departments in the research and supervision of special food policies. That means it has spared no effort in leading the industry development in an orderly way, strengthened information communication and dissemination, and assisted government affairs. Director Zhou also briefed the work carried out by the Special Food Department in recent years and the focus of work in 2020. He also expressed his hope for special food companies and raised expectations for the Association to reach in terms of policy advice, guidance standards, industry self-discipline, leadership, innovation, publicity and communication.


       President Bian Zhenjia made a meeting summary on behalf of the Second Council. He stated that “100-day Campaign” in 2019 is a crack-down on illegal practices involving health products in the special food industry. Currently consumers rush to buy special foods overseas as they do not feel secure about domestic products. Under such circumstance, many Chinese companies conduct overseas mergers and acquisitions and the industry downturn will remain the same for some time to come. The Association will pursue Six Regulation Initiative across the industry as its main task in 2020. It will call for participants to respect the law of development, follow the industry regulation, get future plan done and set large-scale development as its goal. Following the healthy development of the industry, China's special food industry is bound to step out of its predicament and move towards sound development. President Bian's summary report was reviewed and approved on the meeting. The report is realistic and far-sighted, presenting the next step for the CNHFA and a top-level design to push forward standardized, healthy, long-term industry development in an orderly way.

       The representatives agreed that the CNHFA should stick with the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), hold high the great banner of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese characteristics. To this end, it needs to fulfill its duties and tasks stipulated in the association's regulation, promote the healthy development of the nutrition and health food industry, improve quality and efficiency of industrial upgrading, and make contribution to people’s healthier nutritional balanced diet.
       On the eve of the Second Member Congress, the 10th meeting of the First Council was held on January 7th. At the same time, the Group Meeting for Celebrating the New Year and the China Economic Sharing Conference were held. Yao Jingyuan, a famous economist and special researcher from the Counselors’ Office of the State Council, former Chief Economist of the National Bureau of Statistics, was invited and made a special report on the current economic situation in China and the development of the health industry.