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Introduction of the 2019 (4th) China Special Food Conference
   Since 2016, the China Special Food Conference has been successfully held for three times by the former State Food and Drug Administration. It has initially set up a platform for to achieve shared growth through discussion and collaboration; demonstrated and promoted the development and progress of China's special food industry; facilitated the exchanges and cooperation among domestic and foreign governments, scholars, and industry enterprises. The conference is becoming one of the most influential special food events across China and the world.
  This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. The conference is held to implement the Healthy China and Food Safety strategy, publicize special food policies and regulations, gather industry experts, share experience and wisdom, promote exchanges and cooperation, and encourage quality development. The theme of the conference is "Special Food - A Re-starting Point to Pursue Innovation and Achieve Quality Development", which focuses on achievements in China's special food regulation field and the special food industry, as well as our goal to achieve high-quality and sustainable development in the new era.
  As a scientific and technical professional event, the conference will continue to adhere to the "high-end, cutting-edge, sincere and pragmatic" philosophy. The topics to be discussed in the conference include New Market, New Momentum, New Order, Innovation and Integration Development, New & Old Models of Industry Development and Challenges, Special Food and Healthy Life, Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility for Entrepreneurs, etc. The industries and fields relevant to the conference involve health food, milk-based powder infant formula, formula food for special medical purposes, infant food supplements, probiotics and prebiotics, etc. A total of 12 featured themed forums and exhibitions will be held to facilitate exchanges and cooperation.
  On behalf of the organizing committee, we sincerely welcome international organizations, international envoys and other international guests, domestic and foreign food experts and scholars, representatives of domestic and foreign industrial enterprises, and friends from all walks of life who is concerned with the development of China's special food industry to the 2019 (fourth) China Special Food Conference. We believe that with the support and participation of friends from all walks of life, this conference will be even more mind-blowing.
  We are looking forward to your participation!
  The China Nutrition Health Food Association
  July 2019