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Notice on the Agenda and Registration of the 2019 (4th) China Special Food Conference
All Relevant Units:
  The China Nutrition and Health Food Association (hereinafter referred to as “the Association”) decided to hold the 2019 (4th) China Special Food Conference (hereinafter referred to as "the Conference") in order to implement the Health China and Food Safety strategy, gather industry power, share experience and wisdom, promote exchanges and cooperation, and encourage quality development. The Association has issued a pre-notice of the Conference on May 28 (CNHFA [2019] No. 49), as detailed on the Association's website at agenda of the Conference are hereby notified as follows:
  I. Date and Venue
  Date: October 17-19 (Check-in date: October 16);
  Venue: October 17th: the Huanqiu Global Hall of the By-health Co.,Ltd Factory, No. 19 Xinghan Road, Sanzhao Technology Industrial Park, Jinwan District, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province;
  October 18th and 19th: the Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center, No. 1663 Yinwan Road, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province.
  II. Conference Themes
  Special Food - A Re-starting Point to Pursue Innovation and Achieve Quality Development.
  III. Main Agenda
  Industry Communications: Regulatory authorities, leading companies, and innovative start-ups are jointly putting forward a new direction for the development of the special food industry. The Conference will invite experts from the State Administration for Market Regulation, the National Health Commission, and the General Administration of Customs to interpret the authoritative policies for the development of China's special food industry. The conference will also invite entrepreneurs from domestic and foreign companies such as Feihe Dairy, Yili Group, Mengniu Dairy, Sanyuan Group, Junlebao Dairy, Augood Dairy, Beingmate Baby & Child Food, By Health, Infinitus Global, Amway, Perfect, Zhenao Group, Xianle Health, Nestle, Wyeth Nutrition, Mead Johnson Nutrition, Danone, Friesland Campina, Herbalife, Zhichu, Xinlaite, Silver Century, Sansheng, Jichun Pharmaceutical, and other enterprises, who will exchange ideas and opinions on new food opportunities, new phenomena, new problems, responsibilities and missions, high-quality industrial development, and other topics.
  Expert Lectures: The 2019 China Special Food Conference will invite a lineup of authoritative experts from home and abroad, including food science academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, experts and organizations in the field of nutrition and health food, to forecast trends and share cutting-edge insights. Chinese and foreign experts will take turns to bring wonderful views and talk about the great changes and future of the special food industry.
  The main topics will include but not limited to: China's Special Food Industry Research Report; International Special Food Safety Standards; International Special Food Safety Management; Global Dietary Supplement Development Trend Analysis; International Probiotic Industry Development; Latest Academic Achievements of Intestinal Microecology; the Industry Research and Application of Active Peptides; Special Food E-commerce Changes.
  Themed Forums: There will be 12 themed forums to walk you through popular events and hot debated topics in the industry.
  1. October 17th FULL DAY: The 2019 (3rd) China Health Food Conference, By Health Transparent Factory and Nutrition Science Museum Tour. Keywords: scientific research, functional evaluation, post-100-day campaign, change and innovation, etc.
  2. October 18th FULL DAY:The 2019 (4th) China Special Food Conference Opening Ceremony and the Main Forum. Keywords: responsibility and mission, opportunities and challenges, high quality development, opinion leaders, authoritative voices, future prospects, etc.
  3. October 18th AFTERNOON: The 4th China Special Food CEO Leadership Forum. only people who are invited can join this meeting. Notice will be issued separately. Keywords: managers, industry, in-depth dialogue.
  4. October 19th FULL DAY:The China Special Food Technology Review and Exchange Conference & the (ninth) Public Class on Policies and Regulations. Key words: health food, infant formula milk powder, technical review of food for special medical purposes, system inspection, advertisement review, policies and regulations, etc.
  5. October 19th FULL DAY: The 2019 (4th) China FSMP Industry Development Forum & the 3rd Clinical Application Symposium. Keywords: management system, new products, clinical promotion and scientific application, self-discipline development, etc.
  6. October 19th MORNING:The 2019 (2nd) China & New Zealand Infant Formula Food Development Forum. Keywords: policies and regulations, opportunities and challenges, etc.
  7. October 19th AFTERNOON:The 2019 (2nd) China Infant Formula Market Summit. Keywords: new markets, new momentum, products, logistics, opportunities and challenges, etc.
  8. October 19th MORNING:The 2019 (1st) China Organic Food Seminar & the Establishment Ceremony of the Organic Food Industry Committee of CNHFA. Keywords: academic discussion, market development, data sharing, etc.
  9. October 19th MORNING:The 2019 (3rd) China Complementary Foods for Infants and Young Children Industry Development Forum & the Establishment Ceremony of the Complementary Foods for Infants and Young Children Professional Committee of CNHFA. Keywords: policies and regulations, trends, marketing, popular science, organization establishment, etc.
  10. October 19th AFTERNOON: The 2019 (2nd) China Intestinal Microecology and Related Products Development Forum & the Establishment Ceremony of Intestinal Microecology and Related Products Professional Committee of CNHFA. Keywords: academic research, scientific transformation, industry landing, market promotion, self-discipline consensus, organization establishment.
  11.October 19th MORNING: The 2019 (3rd) Special Food Ingredients Development Forum. Keywords: scientific research, trends, applications, compliance, consensus, etc.
  12. October 19th AFTERNOON: The 2019 (1st) China Active Peptide Food Industry Development Forum & the Establishment Ceremony of the Active Peptide Professional Committee of CNHFA. Keywords: scientific research, new opportunities, healthy development, organizational establishment, etc.
  IV. Registration
  Conference Fee
  1. Application are now being accepted upon the issuing of the Notice.
  (1) The Conference only accept group registration. Group registration rate:
  For registered members of the Association, the rate is 1,800 yuan / person
  (including 800 yuan of conference fee plus 1,000 yuan of lunch fee for 3 days);
  For non-member, the rate is 2,600 yuan / person
  (Including 1600 yuan of conference fee plus 1,000 yuan of lunch fee for 3 days).
  (2) Accommodation and transportation expenses should be self-paid.
  2. The conference fee can be remitted by bank. Our remittance account is as follows:
     Receiving unit: Beijing Kangai Nutrition and Medicine Research Institute
     Account number: 1100 1048 6000 5252 1656
     Bank: Beijing Life Park Branch, China Construction Bank
     Be sure to add a remark on your remittance: conference name + unit and member name
  3. In addition to bank remittance, you can also pay through the “online payment” channel of the micro-official website, or through bank card when you are on site.
  4. Please submit accurate billing information when making payment.
  Registration Methods
  1. Official website: Log in to and click on "2019 SFIC registration";
  2. Micro official website: Open WeChat APP and scan the QR code below;
  3. On-site registration will also be available.
  Contact: Ms. Liu, 13641087044,
  The formal notice as well as agenda of the Conference will be officially issued in September. For details, please visit our official website at
  It is hereby notified the above.
  The China Nutrition Health Food Association
                                   July 19, 2019