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The SAMR's Successful Implementation of Dual-Track Operation for Health Food Registration and Filing: An Overview

  On June 19th, the State Administration of Market Regulation (SAMR) announced the successful implementation of the Dual-Track Operation for Health Food Registration and Filing, summarizing the achievements made in this area. The article highlights several key milestones accomplished by the SAMR, including the emphasis on high-quality registration to promote high-quality filings, the development of a comprehensive filing raw material catalogue, the establishment of an efficient filing information system, and the fostering of high-quality industry development through enterprise and local management responsibilities. Over the years, the safety situation of health food in China has shown consistent improvement, with a sampling and inspection pass rate exceeding 98%. The cumulative number of valid filing certificates issued for health food has surpassed 14,000, exceeding the cumulative number of valid registration approval certificates obtained in the past 30 years, which amounted to over 11,000.